Doings on Time and Light at Rodeo Gallery

Inspired by the classic pinball, Anastassiades’ General Illuminations is a group of new lights. Going back to archetypical spheres, they combine mirror surfaces that reflect the light and create endless depth. The impossibility for one to see one’s reflection plays games with Narcissus. Magic games evoke meanings that appear and get lost in the sphere that knows the past and the future of the seeker of knowledge; a game immersed in time. The dematerialization of the elements, the mirror that one can’t look inside, the static ball, the wooden elements on the walls, all join the mythology that Anastassiades has been building slowly but meticulously through his collections over time. A romantic and playful reference, the pinball comes to life again through the balls and lights and one can only imagine the familiar sounds echoing throughthe gallery.

Eftihis Patsourakis & Michael Anastassiades

RODEO, Istanbul

Opening Friday 12 September, 12pm – 8pm

Exhibition open from Saturday 13 September – Saturday 13 December